tweet crack!

why arent you tweeting?

you know who you are, even if Ive forgotten your name.

I almost forgot: I hate Mondays! I hate Mondays so much that I refuse to capitalize them anymore. dirty mondays.
I did get a suprise and most welcome guest to the office this morning, and I thank you for that.....this blog is the blog of no names....to protect the identity of the innocent, and by that I mean you are guilty by association. Hooliganism isnt a word yet is it? It better start getting there.
Call me emo...call me screamo, call me lame-o I dont care if this is whats been stuck in my head all morning. Go suffer with me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2YnDlEMXiU
I think IM gonna gay this post up with some rainbow colors...make the words pretty.
Either that or Im inspired by the geek graffitt up there.

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