Saturday night shaping up:

well...what can i say...good thing I have wireless on my phone?
the greasers got me again....they had me last Friday night if you recall....got home at 5 in the morning then was out the door a few hours later for the fangs of the tamarack party....
Tonight I am piling into some old truck and headed to Georgetown at speeds well above legal until we arrive at "Slims Last Chance Saloon". Once there I will be surrounded again, by the whitest chics I know. Ive been strugglibg lately with the fact that I dont seem to be into white girls....Erica surely has spoiled me for my own race. Isnt that something. Not into white girls. Who would have ever guessed.
I am expecting full on 5 minute tire sessions again tonight, where everyone peels out in place or whatever its called....lots of rockabilly girls with big hair and greased back douchebags in white tees with doxes of cigarettes rolled in the sleeve.
I am armed this time with my camera.
Expect to see the action soon, in the meantime I am headed over to WhiteCahpel for Warren Ellis' open mic night. I am Henchbot if your interested in logging in and saying hello.
Heres the links for the evenings events:
the whitest girls you will ever meet

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