i declared victory way to soon. I hung out with questionables last night in old Ballard....in an opium den, an insane sea crone who subjected us to tales of choking on various objects and the virtues of such pursuits, locos....plus all the usual Ballard Hags/hippies. I got home late, slept very little and was at work way to early.
Hi, my name is ninja and Im back on breaks.
I uhh...I thought I was done, kicked the monkey....lost the needle....I got comfortable and thought one beat wouldnt hurt right? One little beat that no one would even know about maybe...on the way to work to clear up the hangover?
how do you feel now ninja? how does your family feel?
they.....i...we.......sigh....im an asshole and Ive let everyone down. It wasnt even 24 hours!
whats the first step?
theres a beat in my head right now! I cant quit this affliction!
sirius 39.

im so ashamed.....or am I just looking to feel better about ymself until I get my next fix? find photos tonight or tomorrow from last nights debaucherous trainwreck.


Earlier in the summer, before photog ran off, I was looking for a way to say thanks you to her for putting up with all my rowdy ways.....so I found a killer little vespa thingy that was just her size and I began trying to buy it. I pick it up tomorrow, what the hell am I gonna do with a pink vespa?

3 Henchmen:

Bekah B said...

give it to me and bagina

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

hahahaha...im posting pics of it tomorrow. maybe we can work something out...

SadieMBeagle said...

Sell, sell, sell! With the price of gas these days, all the indie hipsters are buying scooters to tool around Belltown or what-have-you. You'll make a killing.