Port Townsend:

im out of town for the next two days.....I dont know if I will bring my laptop with me in an effort to attempt a caveman lifestyle and not login anywhere.


adios texas.

Go check out my guest spot on Boomstah and keep posted here for the return fire from the fine folks there.

3 Henchmen:

SadieMBeagle said...

Ha ha, P.T. eh? Be sure to say hi to my sister!

Anonymous said...

i shall scream hello into the fiery night in hopes that someone hears....I will wait til 4am.

stacy marie said...

I've been meaning to spend some time in Port Townsend since I moved back here this year, but haven't made it over yet. I look forward to a report of some sort...pictures seeming to be a sore subject, I won't ask for any :)