sunday, right?

Im still sick, and Im turning hostile now.
Sundays are supposed to be fried chicken and sweet spuds...right?
ohh wait....I havent been home on a Sunday in over 15 years.
Its time to join another stupid site.

this makes me wish, for the first time ever, that I had an std. Thanks Henchman for the tip:

OMG its really sunday.

wait theres more from Henchman (this proves my thoughts about Portland, and what it does to you). for the first time ever, I wish I was a felon:
The above SKULLDUGGERY motivated me this morning to joing a dating website....but not just any site, I needed a place that is unofficial and somewhat shady so I twittered around until I found this dive: www.okcupid.com .
The thing that I have really enjoyed is the social stress it seems to cause, and the fact that it seems to be run by robots. I keep getting reprimanded by robots today....every time a robot tells me I am unoriginal, or my "likeability level" is plummeting, I immediately tweet it. Ive never had so many robots up my ass ever. Its also great that there are only two rating: your either someones freind, or you are their enemy. So if theres a nice boy like me who meets a nice girl like....insert name here.....and she is liberal and I am not...then she is my enemy.
The ONLY girl on there remotely attractive is a diehard enemy.
Who the hell said robots wouldnt rule the world? Ive been punished all day by them, and Ive enjoyed it. It makes being sick so much funner.
Boomstah came over this afternoon with Bagina and showed me how to make an herbal tea...which i consumed. We played ball in the park and talked about life love and strange rumours. Boom so good seeing you in the hood.
I have to go now, the robots are probably looking for me to tell me i am unfit for something.....
HENCHMAN: I fully expect to see you here asap, since you sent me all those horrible links above this morning.

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