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im determined to spend my night sipping on vodka, sitting on the deck and listening to Sirius 45 until i BREAK THIS ADDICTION to breaks.
look what I just found:http://adamatomic.com/gravity/ I know what im doing tomorrow at work: keeping it gangsta. (choose sound A for the game)

Waste more time here: http://www.facestat.com/
Sirius 45 is not doing it for me. i may be doomed. like methane gasses coming up from the depths?

UPDATE: Ive wasted more time tonight at facestat, and other nonsensical places....im being stalked by one of the neurotic raccoons that live behind my place...he must have smelled the killer bangers and mash I rustled up for dinner and that brought him down to give me hell. I have an obsession since I WAS A KID with spraying animals with water. Last week I was giving the business to a seagull who would leave my deck, this afternoon I ambushed squirrels trying to chew my deck wall and so tonight I bukkaked the raccoon as soon as he got close enough.

However Ive remained true to my goal of staying in, and not having anyone over at the place...its been a quiet night that has all but driven me insane. What am I listening to? thats the million dollar question. ok fine....Sirius 39 again. I will insert appropriate pic here:

I am sipping on my bevvy, as noted in first sentence of this post that began at 5pm tonight, 3 hours ago. Ok. I found a solution that I like for the blog, and posting massive amounts of phots...I will open a Flickr account and then post the masses there and leave this for the top 5 of each set until i decide what space I really want on the interwebs.
this is why I hate this city sometimes! Passive doesnt pay the bills baby!http://puregravy.blogspot.com/
ive no idea whats with the scaling text; its a weird night.

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