whats with the technicolor? Nothing, Im just over writing the green term "update" so much. By so much, I mean twice since last night which in the literary circles I linger in....is way to many times. I have good news and great news, then lame news that will hopefully take our minds off of the Fatwah we all just were exposed to.

Warren Ellis has just posted 3 great pics on his site, I especially enjoy the first one entitled "use me Jesus". Go have a chuckle. In case your lost, just click "brainjuice" (to the right of this posting)>>>>>>>>>>>>arrows point the way>>>>>>>>>>dont get lost>>>>>>>>

thats great news isnt it?

good news? I have broken the sway that breakbeats held over me for almost 48 hours FINALLY. Im so pleased by this that IM not embarrased that it even happened. Im glad I was honest about it with you. I dont feel so dirty b/c of it.

Lame news? I was the 6k henchman. In honour of myself I posted the official henchman photo at the bottom of this blog. I never thought I would be so......aww hell: Im the illest!

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