Fangs of the Tamarack:

I lay comatose in bed Sat, 11am....and made a decision not to go to F.O.T. One hour and two srewdrivers later I was on my way...a subhuman headed into the haze.
What a great decision, I had a blast. Full report later, in the meantime I MUST get my full embrace of the interwebs....ive missed you internet.
I feel a tweet coming.

Update: go here for the rest of the stream, these are my faves from the set. (Thanks Melissa.)

3 Henchmen:

SadieMBeagle said...

Knob Gobbler Road!

BOOM said...

Looks like it was a funtabular time. Someday....

Anonymous said...

it was a gala.
or whatever thats called.