Facebook, Crones and Bots? Sticking a fork:

Last nights planned deconstruction didnt go off as planned, glitch in the Matrix I guess.
Tonight I take possession of the PINK VESPA, and will post pics for the world to see. Im leaving it in the back of my pickup for a week.....so to parade the beauty and look absolutely absurd.
(and no, im not taking away the pink text)

So Mooney; aka KING BISCUIT got me to join Facebook, but really I hate these sites and I havent got motivated to get on it yet and actually do anything although Ive collected a number of old henchman already...including my little brother whom you can find here: http://www.smittyshappenings.blogspot.com/ Its a bit dusty in there, he hasnt really been around by the looks of things, but you get the gist. I suppose I will log in (facebook) and shoot him an email...I havent spoken to him in years.
Other than that Im giving facebook 5 days and if it annoys me, I shall retreat to my cave....like Shelob.
Ok im off to go tweet something.

P.F.S: camping this weekend....seriously. Its a big trip with lots of randoms...who wants to go to Quartz Mountain and hang out with a bunch of backpackers/hikers that youve never met before?
UPDATE:whats this! approaching 7000 hits? you may recall 3 weeks back when I was excited to see the 6k benchmark...then I ended up being the 6k hench. Lets not let that happen again. Thats like kissing your sister....the good news I dont have a sister..I have seen Deliverance though.

5 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

What can I say? I'm a clucker, and your blog is like a cluck fest.

I wish I could go on this excursion with you, sometimes motherhood has it's limitations. I can't send him away this weekend, as he's been off with friends 2 weekends in a row. Gotta moderate!


P.F.S. I am going to take a mini-gettaway with Lizzy sometime here soon. It's the best idea ever for me to have some me time with someone I love so much and miss just the same.

Anonymous said...

yeah but wheres you and Lizzy going? I wanna see Lizzy before you take off.

BOOM said...

we would go somewhere close so our loved ones don't freak or burn the house down while we're gone. If she comes to town, you'll see her.

SadieMBeagle said...

Well, I'm a huge fan of work avoidance and you post and edit said posts a few times a day, plus I always like to see what's happening on the drama front, so... you can probably count on me for 10 hits a day.

Anonymous said...

7k came in the night.....I was out getting the vespa....and a slight buzz.
I will never know who the 7k henchman was...