Good day world, or if your Ellis then you would say: "good day human scum".
Nothing tickles my fancy quite like when I get that text first thing in the morning, I cant possibly figure out why either. Today that is what we recieved.
Pops if your checking this out: you blew it last night with whats her face but no big deal....theres more fish in the sea. Keep the faith! Be more like me and ill master: dont worry about these things, think of kung-fu, motorhomes and snowboards. (and ice...vodka + the occasional burger)
For the rest of you, I dont wanna relive the night but it was fantastical and filling all at once. Its the reason Twitter is here, so to find details then follow the stream and no, there are no pics.
If you arent Tweeting yet I simply look at you with curiosity and awe. You are a subhuman. In a cave. drawing stick figures on your sooty walls while trying to figure out what an erection is for.
Join twitter.
My head is throbbing....I beleive it's trying to tell me something...I will assume then that it wants me to say g'day on its behalf.
G'day mates.
Kudos and emoticons to the closer, who is battling succesfully, his wanton urge to live out of the pub. He has been at my flat for 2 days straight now, drinking Miller lite and watching network televison. He hates the interewbs.

5 Henchmen:

SadieMBeagle said...

Maybe when I'm an unemployed hobo and actually have time to be a twit, I will join. Here's how it will look:

11 a.m.: SMB woke up and walked the dog
12 p.m.: SMB ate brunch
1 p.m.: SMB surfed the net

...yeah, you don't want to read about that stuff.

Anonymous said...

any more than you want to read my final salutations every night.
join twitter!

SadieMBeagle said...

Why twitter when you can do exactly the same thing with facebook mobile? I'd be doubling my efforts. And I'm too lazy to do that.

stacy marie said...

and facebook has a cool little application on my iPhone....I don't know if I can commit to twitter. Will I like it? Will it still respect me and call me in the morning? i just don't know!

Anonymous said...

call you in the morning!?!
you will like it so much you'll just let it stay the night.