the art fag makes his first move:

I sketched this out in my little trail notes one morning, much like a hippie would do in a so called dream journal except this was no dream; this was a memory of the night before, one of the greatest nights ever. Heres the story:

Location Melakwa Lake/August 23 & 24/ campsite upper M, photo below is me putting sketch together the next morning.

All afternoon I watched Japanes tourists, loser hippies and the occasional pack of trail scrotes trudge in and out of Melakwa lake from my post half way up the hill, I had a secret spot for uber tent to hang out and two really kickass dudes camped out less than a boulder field away but neither camp could actually see each other. Across the lake were two dudes who were camped out as well, up for the weekend to fish, smoke as much weed as they could and then hunt for snacks in between. That night at the lake, thats all there was....although general traffic didnt stop til maybe 9pm. I ate dinner with the guys next door, Lonnie and Brad; and then went off to the lower lake to polish off dessert and chuckle at the stoners fumbling with bear bags and fishing rods. I watched them and took photos of the mountains for an hour or so....I dont think they knew anyone else was around, they were that entertained with themselves. All you could hear was the occaisonal " hey maaan wheres your grub" or: "Bro....you got any umm......uhh....." then nothing. It was a good show but soon thirst got the best of me so I headed back to camp to pick the flask out of a snowdrift and then joined Lonnie and Brad for a flask party on the shores below camp. It was an excellent night, I eventually went to bed very happy to be there, and not at Kaleetan by myself, getting ass-raped by gnomes. I dozed in and out for the first two hours of the night cuz the stonies were laughing now and then, and as you know everything echos like hell on a mountain lake but soon enough the weedsmoke got em and they passed out into the loving arms of the night. The moon was full, or close to it.....the owls were out, another bird was screeching...it was a great night but soon I was out like a baby as well. Silence descended....and brought with it sleep.....and eventually terror.

Im gonna say it was 3 in the morning when I woke up again...to something strange, although I didnt know what it was....it was something that didnt fit the night. Then I heard the reason, small rocks were tumbling down from some distant peak and bringing gravel with them, no big deal. Then out of nowhere from somewhere else on the other side of the lake was a larger and louder landslide that began collecting some big dougans on its way down to the water. Soon enough there was a splash....but more and more dougans were tumbling down from somewhere high up...it was a ruckus! Out of nowhere the stoners started freaking out really really REALLY bad...they were shrieking at the noise and for a second I thought there was a bear attack....then one of em yelled into the night, over the then settling landslide: " im freakkking the fuccckkk ouuutt mannnn!!" It was the ultimate Super-Troopers moment and I laughed my ass off....loud. They heard me and were like...."fuck off maaaan i'm freaked!!" and I laughed even more. It was the most surreal situation ever. Whatever set that slide off....goat or bear.....it was a big ass slide. The stoners yelling into the night made it worthwhile. The map above details this tale. The pic below is me drawing it, onsite.
All art is for sale, the above piece is no exception. I have a map of every trip Ive ever taken.....if that doesnt make you sick I dont know what will.

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SadieMBeagle said...

Ah, man. I gotta get up there. Hopefully I can find my own Lonnie and Brad. Seems like I'm always alone when I hike!

BOOM said...

After I looked at your map and heard the story, I thought this yellow book you have is the best idea ever. It's a treasure map of memories perfect for a pirate D Baggin as your self. I drew some Cephlapods last night and I'm surprised how simple and entertaining it is. I'll show you when I get a good one on some good papers