adding size for validation: finally did it!

well arent I clever? (not really, this idea was scrawled on Neanderthal caves in soot and blood gazillions of years back) Late night telly got me thinking about adding size....girth; for my general well being. Its been bothering me alot lately, everything seems so small. so quiet. so miniscule. I want size, I want a visual de force...I want girls to come over and say O.MY.GOD. when they see what Ive got. So I added inches: 42 to be exact, and now my laptop is projected in so much crisper sharper detail, and it looks alot cooler up on the flatscreen as well. I wired up all the sound and everything. Quite proud of myself, blogging in true geek form now and I have to say: its about time. Turns out they are right after all.....size matters.

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Ur Momma said...

hehehe... welcome to the darkside nerd