Unlucky at last

I must no longer be Irish, the streaks' run out after 32 years of hellraising and general douchebaggery, mostly harmless as you all know, or at least speculated upon gazing into my crisp blue eyes...full of warmth and wonder for all the world. Really? crisp, warm? Full of wonder or full of shit?
Last year I stopped posting text on ninja because it seemed irrelevant in the world of digital phots, where the picture truly tells a thousand words. As the faithful viewer surely now knows, my beloved photographer is no longer around, and this leads to any number of conundrum, including but not limited to some of the shots you've been exposed to since July of this previous summer.
Previous Summer? that's right bitches summer is over and I dont know what to do about it. For the first time Im nervous of winter. Nervous as hell.

Dear photographer has a new friend and he is alleged to be a banker. I hope he loses his job in today's finance crisis. If he loses his job then he wont make the payments on the condo he is ALLEGED to own at my home mountain, Stevens Pass. If he doesn't make his payments then I wont have to see frosty lips embrace in long lift lines on an early, slightly brain fogged Saturday morning.
Ive been in touch (mildly) with the kind folks at Pac West RV, the hosts of Murder One and weve been coming up with last minute preseason projects to get my brig where it needs to be for my ultimate comfort this season.....yet it occurs to me today, in the midst of sorrow and subsequent self pity....ALAS: I have no one to attend the weekends with me anymore. Booger moved to St Louis, dear Phot-bot is no longer the happy queen of the castle, (brian the banker has her dusting his condo Im sure) and behold the harsh fact that while I know many people, none are truly the right fit for Murder One. Adding to the trouble is everyeon up at tyhe motorhome lot as Stevens thought we were married, we never corrected anyone cuz we thought it was funny. Now im divorcee?
However has this happened!

Today im listening to breakbeats for some unknown reason. I havent listened to breaks for years......now my leg wont stop twitching, my teeth wont quit grinding and brain.....poor brain. He is in a swirl. Kinda like sherbet. I have sherbet at the house, which isnt great news to you b/c you havent seen my house in months...any of you; because Ive been sequestered away. The interesting thing to note about the existence of Sherbet in my icebox is simple: its the first thing in there...since July...besides ice of course. Who said ice gets lonely.
Dear Father (in heaven, not Richard): dont let me turn into a club-kid just because Im depressed about a lonely winter and Ive been listening to breakbeats all day. I mean Im 32 now, ....club kid....its so passe, right?
right? please tell me Im right!
I want to quit my life and move to the mountains, or keep my life and get a new job working on a research vessel....tagging whales or hunting nubian pirates off the Coast of Somalia.
Those losers in Somalia have hijacked a boat and just got done celebrating Ramadan. Whats up with that.
Unlucky at Last.

I just spellchecked: the term nubian isnt in the glossary. Thats too bad; its a favourite term of mine.
unlucky at last.

5 Henchmen:

BekahB said...

you know where you got a friend.

i have a pro form one time only card for burton. need gear at cost?

Anonymous said...

Bex: for real? you woudnt give up a pro form would you? I got a pro form last year and I put 10% of my total purchase towards the dude who got it for me, and he scored a killer wheelie bag. Sound like a deal for you? If so then hell yes!

BekahB said...

all i need is a coat. Ryan wants to get something too, but he's got cashola. We can work it out yo son.

Marisa said...

is there room for me in your motorhome? i'm okay with being the other woman. now that you are a divorcee and all. let the people talk ! seriously. i'm coming over the weekend before thanksgiving. be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Maris you are the original sailor, with a lad in every port.
Who are you charming in Seattle on Thanksgiving?
We are having drinks before you jetison off!