field notes

First time seeing Cave, first time out really since July, first time at S.B. Sodo, all in all, pretty acceptable evening. I think the highlight would have to go to Warren Ellis however, pictured on the right of every stage shot in a blazing red top, furiously at the violen, usually without the bow.
Cave was impressive, but the chosen material not so much. Ursula put it perfectly when she explained the last time she saw him at the Paramount and he was solo, except for the piano on stage. Thats the performance I want.
Back to Ellis though: Ellis the madman, Ellis the genious, Ellis the captivator. Ive begun an all out assault on all thing Ellis, his books, his bands, his musical compositions..You can expect to see a little bit about him very soon here on Ninja. Im fascinated by these men who are unrelentingly unforgiving, these men whose harshest of thoughts can be put to pen so eloquently and with taste, as if to remind the reader/listener (consumer) that pragmatism is the only way, yet can be dressed for Sunday service. Men like this invoke the imagination of my youth....which was rampant and untamed then.......raw with innocence and wild with the mental lawlessness that Ive always had.
Men such as these carry an almost fatalistic sense about themselves and the world around them...in a way its like they put their minds at a time....say 120 years before them and choose to live then, as if the burdens of that time are less, while the advances of today only make it worse.
Men such as these are the sort of man I can never be....its not who I am...but like a child, I will still creep to the edge...watch the stones tumble below as I peek into their abyss.

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