the weekend is over and the results are in: 5 lakes, 2 new homies and one hell of a good time. I started out early Saturday, again blown out but this time with more sleep the night before. Granite Mt T.H. at 6:30am, the rest is history, Halfway up I encountered some dudes who later would camp alongside and we had great fun hanging bear bags, sipping flasks and just bullshitting. Made the trip alot more fun! So I give you the most excellent Bradly, Lonnie and making the first appearance of many: New tent! Enjoy the pictorial of Melakwa, Pratt creek crossing, Tuscochspneinblahblahblah, Olallie Lake, Platt Lake and ....i donno, upper mel? Bradly and Lonnie are loads of entertainment, reminded me how fun it is to hike with likeminds!
Things that excite me are bear bags, water filtering and anything related to Hobbits on the trail, such as the last pic in the set, I saw that and giggled like a schoolgirl.
Next weekend I hike again: who wants to come?

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Ryan said...

Hey, I just followed your trail from the WTA trip report you left and found your blog here. Sounds like a good time, give me a holler at yesman567@yahoo.com next time you head somewhere. Also, good hobbit quote, but I thougth this one from LOTR might fit better; "It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door. You step into the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to."

By the way, how is that tent? I almost bought the same one recently. Warm enough?

Brad said...

Hello from San Diego! I have to say, these pictures proved two things to me... 1) I need to get a bigger bandanna, while it is damn functional, it is not good looking. 2) Center-straps are not flattering for a man of my *ahem* size. But seriously, Lonny and I had a great time as well, and if we can all get the schedules to work out, it would be great to do it again. Next time though, we are going to inspect Lonny's pack for firewood BEFORE we leave.

Brad said...

Oh and for Ryan, I can tell you that the tent was very nice, Lonny and I were under tarps, and I am sure the mosquito netting provided by the tent was worth every ounce of extra weight for DB!

Ninja Motorhome said...

as far as your bandana goes Bradly.....I kept meaning to tell you how nice it looked...but every time I started, I caught a fragrant whiff of flowery deoderant coming from Lonnys direction and it threw me off my game. Lets keep in touch and trade recipes, Im spending my time getting ready to dehydrate!
Ryan the tent was shipped in from the future, its that good. Also doubles as an extra ultralight tarp shelter, although I havent tried that yet. Just under 200 if I recall correctly; its pricey but worthwhile.
I found a few spiders in my pack once I got home....little bastards, its that time of year now. Got me thinking about Shelob from LOTR.
Its all about the Uruk-Hai these days.

Ninja Motorhome said...

Brad: not only for firewood, but any extra secret stash of DiSarono!