Anatomy of an avalanche:

this is the avalanche everyones' been hearing about, not just the avalanche but more impressively the aftermath. Note the snow below the debris even still; this stuff wont be gone til well into next year, if then. Extremely dangerous conditions exist on the snow shelf as you will note, getting close to the edge is disastrous no matter what, and attempting to penetrate the carnage is equally foolish. In the first 2 photos you will see a massive tree down, which is what I used as platform for some of these shots. Somebody took a dump in the middle of this mess and of course my boots are the ones that found it first. All this devastation, this land entombed and I'm the douchebag that steps in dump; go figure! Then there are 3 photos in succession starting with the 3rd one that shows the slope the avalanche was generated on, and tracks the path

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