emotional jihad

When we started this blog almost a year ago it was kind of a joke, we wanted to track the progress of the motorhome project and sort of just play around with some pics. Soon enough the blog turned into a vessel of communication for our familys and freinds; now once a week I update with whatever we have been doing, its a fun tool for letting the people we care about know what we have been up to, since getting me on a phone is damn near impossible. Ive grappled a number of weeks now with the following but the more I think about it the more right it seems so in the spirit of what this blag has been all about I'm going to set the record straight, heres goes:
A number of weeks ago Erica and I split up, and we remain so today. Since the devil lies in the details, and I do my best to avoid his dark pursuits, I dont feel it necessary to discuss the ins and outs of the split but its important to know there was no foul play or skullduggery afoot relating to the decision to take time apart from each other. The decision is amicable and we both recognize it as an integral element to the possibility, great or small; of reunion later down the road. In the meantime we will focus privately on ourselves and fine tune personal goals, and future plans independantly. Alot of you shared our lives with us as heartily as we lived it, and we have made wonderful memories with all of you, thanks to everyone for coming along.

It has been an exceedingly rough couple of weeks for both of us as we transition into life without the influence and comfort of the other, and while we both hope to review our options in a couple of months to whatever end, it is time to heal and reflect.

In closing I remind everyone that while the world can hazard all the speculation and incubate all sorts of ideas; in the end for our relationship our word is the final word and that word is this: there is no bad blood, there is every chance that in a few months we will have sorted out our private and personal issues and be able to regroup, stronger and better for the break. Life is a tough battleground but as any good general will tell you, a good stratagem is half the battle and it is my belief that while today isnt the best of days, I can assure that tomorrow will be better for it.

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BekahB said...

I'm sorry about your current sitch, but hopeful and happy for what you are doing. hang in there DB!