things getting Sirius

that pic is from 2 days ago on the other side of the peninsula where i live. That water looks really tight huh.
so I got Sirius sattelite radio for the entire fleet, and the home, and Im having a hell of a time getting it to work. I went so big when i got the hookup, I had to get all the gear, all the best there was, the entire thing and now i got all this gear and it wont work.


the good news is tonight i STRAIGHT MURDERDDDD some ribs and spuds, in fact you can just call me garlic Jr. for now on, its that serious. I couldnt believe the ribs came out so tight, Ive never done em before like that so I was stoked. Erica freaked out, she like started getting down to business in the kitchen and couldnt break free to get seated, it was that good.

Im gonna open a restaurant someday.....errm, not really. I want a dive cafe with the kinda grub that gramma makes, feel it down to your toes and you can finish the plates...thats where the majic is.

ok Im out.

PS i was gonna out mad pics up tonight but I think I left the camera in Murder One when we dropped it off last weekend. Ericas got all the hockey joints from 2 weeks ago though and she will post up tomorrow morning.

ok now IM out for real.

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