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ok...DB here.....did you guys know that when Derka posts up she uses purple text, and when I handle the business I use black, cuz I like black like that.
Sides: purples kinda gay.

ok so Derka has all the pics of whats been happening lately, like the killer hockey game we went to with the crew, and the past few weekends on the hill. I cant get em til tonight but Im on point to get them up and out.

But I have a new (growing) obsession: dutch oven cooking. Its hella redneck but it looks so killer to do and I wanna get on point with it and start shipping out with the motorhome to some competitions around here. Just the sight of Murder One pulling into a dutch oven competition and dropping anchor is enough to FRIGHTEN any would be competitor, and give me the advantage. Psy-ops cooking with DB. (thats a damn dutch oven above you and I want upside down pineapple cake) fatass.
Moving on to snowboarding: I went up on Friday and kicked it til Sunday afternoon. Derka and Stinky came up fri pm and we kicked it with our new homies next door, Fingers and his family.

Motorhomes are so fun cuz the people you get to meet and hang with, we all are different but we all have something in common too. Anyways Fingers is pretty cool, in fact Stinky and I think that Fingers might be cooler than Wobbles, who has been our favourite motorhome neigbhor to date. Wobbles gets his name cuz he always wants to party and he wobbles when he does EVERYTHING, its funny as hell, and he is cool as hell but he hasnt been up lately so he may end up with Bronze medals for the year instead of a guaranteed gold as before, ESPECIALLY since Fingers came on the scene. Fingers .....is old school, and drinks everything like juice, water, or booze by the finger. So its like 4 fingers of OJ for breakfast, and five fingers of vodka for dinner....or maybe 2 fingers of coffee..its awesome. I thought I was the only one who referred to drink levels by the finger until now.

Everybody has a name: whats yours cuz you know you got one.

Anyways nothing much else going on unless you count getting almost jumped and jacked on Thursday night while I was getting the motorhome set up for departure to the mountain. A couple a tweaker roughnecks came up on me like I was gonne do them a favor and give em a ride, and they werent overly nice about it but they left when I told em I had a gun, which I didnt, so I was lucky they didnt call the bluff. Seattle and area is getting violent, I donno, I might get a weapons permit this year...its a mess out here.

I live for the weekend, here it is Monday I just got off a 3 day camping/snowboarding trip and Im sore as hell, but all I can think about is next weekend, when we get back in the zone.

Look for more pics tonight, Im making short ribs for dinner, I will post up pics of that too.

I hate food pics, thats why IM gonna do it.

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