Its been a crazy week for both of us...our offices have been nuts and becasue of it we missed the mountain this weekend. Its ok though, I havent seen Grams since like before xmas so we gonna go catch up with her tomorrow, im excited to see her and give her flowers. She loves the fresh flowers..and the gifts, and the love...so does Schatze.
The weather is insanely good lately too, it hasnt snowed on Stevens for a week and a half but I guess thats the way it is....we had crazy snow all winter. Im headed to idaho soon, maybe mid march for the weekend to kick it with the old school and spend time on Silver Mt. as well.
Tomorrow we are taking some pics, Im really into before and after type of stuff so we gonna recreate some of the stuff we took when we first met and see what time has done to us, IM excited.
Tonight we are gonna go hit Key for some hockey with a few couples we like to hang with, and then of course a few drinks..
I donno, Im bored and it shows in the ramblings your reading.
Who knows anything about Wheat Paste? I was into it last year and Derka talked me down but now the urge is back.
I want to learn more about it.
ok Im out.

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