its whats good!

you know how we do:

its been a fine fine month for the west coast.

Weve been in the motorhome since it got out of Pacific West RV for the latest custom, seen below. Its incredible how it rolls down the streets, tough and tight. Everybody takes pics, everybody has words to say when I go anywhere in it. It so tight, nobodys ever murdered out a motorhome, least not on google or anywhere else I have looked. This is unreal, alot of fun!

What else is good, lets see......ok how about my cousin Riley? Yeah its true: theres a new buck in the family and I couldnt be happier, the sandbox was getting a little lonely for me but now Rileys gonna be around after May like full time and we gonna have some fun. I met him last week for the first time ever, its crazy how I looked at his mug and immediately knew he was blood. I love being in this family, I couldnt ask for a better crew and its double time how we all look alike. Riley is holed up right now in a halfway house as he re-acclamates into society after a few years in the joint. Like I said: I m really stoked he is out and about.

JO-JO came over last night looking proper and smart just like she does...we had pizza and a few drinks, nothing major, it was good to see her over.

Outside a that there isnt much crackin, heres a few pics of the new joint: (bald guy is Justin and Im in white but you wont see my face...just my bottle in the background.)

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