What's is next for me! Everyone knows that DB will be just as stoked as I.

We have been talking about taking a trip to Alaska FOREVER it seems now.....see the sites, the view, the northern lights and maybe do a little bit of snowboarding.

But now, things are looking grim for taking this trip during snow season....

What now? Cancel the trip all together, ummm NO.

Well I have been wanting to skydive for the longest time now. I am DEATHLY afraid of heights...Will this cure it? Probably not, but you never know til you try. Nothing seems more intriguing and exciting than this right now. Putting into perspective how scared of heights I am....I am only 5 feet tall (barely) and when i wear heels, sometimes im scared to look down on the ground....NOT REALLY, but you get where im going!

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Jack said...

I am just like you, I'm terrified of heights. I'm just not sure I could ever get up the gall to do it. But if I ever did, I'd probably go on the same skydiving New York City trip that a buddy of mine did. He's done a lot of jumps and he said the view of the city was absolutely breathtaking.