Family is the best

Last night, Daniel and I decided to go run some errands before our weekends began. He decided to spend the weekend at the mountain snowboarding and I decided to hang out at home, see friends and relax. In the midst we thought, “hmm, been awhile since we seen the Dovers, let’s head up north and see how they are…” Off we went on our adventure…. We got there, and there was Mandy, Jody and lil Ava. The last time we saw her, she was barely a week old and so fragile looking I was scared to hold her because I thought I would break her !! This time, 2 months later, lil Ms. Ava is bright eyed and happy and so very beautiful. We had such a great time catching up and playing with lil Ava, that when it was time to leave, it was far too soon. You can tell from the pictures below, Jody and Daniel can have no contact for months at a time, but when they see each other, it’s like no time lapsed in between. It’s good to have great siblings here and there for you for anything. My brothers, although younger than I would do anything for me in any way they can. From me, it’s the same respect. The feeling of knowing your sibling(s), your blood have your back is a high no one can describe. Jody knows Daniel is there at a drop of a hat and Daniel recognizes the same. I do know that they have two other brothers (twins, I believe), that we never see. It would be nice to get them all together one day and have some family gatherings…. Maybe one day.
Justin – take care of ol Deebers up there!

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