Sunrise Earth

happy monday from the desk of DB.
today Im ssitting in front of one of the coolest shows ever, Sunrise Earth on Animal Planet.
Weve been sick all weekend long with some sort of flu, its been ugly but I think today I will break the back of this thing and call it over.
My laptop is still fouled up so Im taking her to the shop this morning to let the geeks wrangle out the scurvey. Erica and one of her cronies actually pried into my old laptop and got their hands on all the old pics from Yellowstone and more so as soon as this one is repaired and I can actually upload photos, I am gonna bomb this with old school stuff, I cant wait to get everything up. I sometimes wonder who reads this blog....the pics coming are priceless.
Ok so today in the kitchen Im gonna make some bruschetta and also gonna roll up some Aram wrap style stuff, weve been losing excess weight lately, the kind of crap you get betwee seasons, I think Im down 5 lbs right now so its a good rolll we are on.
I missed opening day, crystal opened up this weekend, but I dont really dig that place, to many speed nazis everywhere yelling all the time to slow down and so forth so no big deal. Opening day is alot like nightclubs on the weekend in the middle of tour season: amateur hour, so its ok if you miss it.
My motorhome will be in use soon enough though, my vacation starts in......2 weeks to the day so Im jacked enough.
will post again later in the day hopefully after the geeks fix this so I can upload pics.

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