christmas day

One year I was curious about what it would be like to spend christmas alone so I did just that, and it is one of my worst memories, I hated it and vowed to never do so again. After that episode I took a hard look at christmas and decided to figure out what to do with it once and for all. Those days, I had alot less family than I do now, so it was pretty easy to manage going about doing whatever I wanted (its getting tougher nd tougher though). Years have gone by since I figured out what Christmas meant to me, and yet each year is more stellar than the last.
Theres alot of killer pics coming as soon as my laptop is back into some wireless country, and they will be posted. Its been weird, I didnt expect my Nextel to not work, and I didnt expect my laptop to not work either, but here I am, disconnected and tech-dead in North Idaho. I always wondered what it would be like to not have a phone, now its day 6 without one and its been pretty cool. 40 miles to the south and west and I am back online, should be in a day or two.
For now we are going to get into some Montana snow and spend christmas like the years before......fast and fun.
Merry christmas to everybody in Everett, Marysville and Seattle. Alki Family you guys too, I will be home soon and we are gonna feast! Erica and her crew down south at Portland....love you guys see you tomorrow or the next......Mac in San Diego: merry christmas buddy...did you see the Lord of the Rings prequel is slated for 2k10? Whoa! Dont forget, we dont miss opening nights, EVER! Maris Im sorry we couldnt connect this trip....merry christmas though. Same to Bill and Jan in Missoula: love you guys. Finally my family in Idaho, right here right now, thanks for having me, the fun we have every time is always the best.
see you guys down the line...

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