new in the z00

weve been rock and roll soldiers all week.....tonight is the break night but not really since we have to clean the joint up and down to get ready for the weekend.
iVE GOT HELLA pics coming out tonight of the past 7 days that are sure to amaze and delight.
Tattoos, parties and empty wallets are the order of the day.
did I mention its snowing like the north pole everywhere, and I have holiday coming right around the bend.
we gonna have fun son.

Mad props this week:

  • My neice for bein so tight.

  • Ian for slingin some wicked ink!

  • Coolhand for catching up after 8 years.

  • Derka and Angelique for having killer birthdays.

  • My uncle for teaching me about Mason Jars and the sick things you can do with em.

I love my family heaps.
I DO NOT love Nancy Grace, who almost died this week but she made it to the hospital in time to be saved. Whoever drove her there should be fired.

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