black majic

Aiight so IM tired of seeing my LARRY CRAIG POST BELOW and so I gotta stump in some filler, even though now there is ANOTHER GAY REPUBLICAN scandal from Spokane of all places, which is not just the place I was born, but also the city of former Mayor Jim West, pedo at large.

ahhh Washington.

If your gonna live here and your gonna be gay, just be smart and move to Seattle.


mum mum and pop pops' anniversary is quick approaching. I know its their 32nd cuz I was born exactly, 9 months to the day of the wedding. I grapple with what to do, a card thats benign, innocent and useless? A card that reminds us all of our status, or nothing at all. Decisions decisions. Funny thing is we all know what Im gonna do, its pointless to ponder really.

Lets talk about Britney.

let not.

Snowboard expo weekend, parties, film festivals, old friends, family...tattoos!! more and more tattoos...soon Im gonna be covered.

I like tattoos.

we have a great weekend ahead of us, I will post pics up TONIGHT of last week.

Ever since I got me new tripod.....Ive been going nuts.

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