Larry Craig continues his....

......utter DOUCHEBAGGERY.

Are we surpised? Yeah but why. He is a loser to the tenth power!

Who solicits gay sex anonamously in an airport bathroom, or anywhere for that matter, knowing every action that needs to take place to acheive his desires.....then pleads GUILTY, then promises to resign, then retracts that, the uses CAMPAIGN FUNDS towards his defense?

Mother of God!

I hate this guy, why should he be above the law?

Idaho is a great state and his inability to accept consequence for his lies is dragging the state through the muck. I hate how he enunciates every word so carefully, I hate how he demonstrates his pure judgemental attitude towards anyone who is against him, I hate how he is such a hyprocrite on every level imaginal.

Larry your gay and you like strangers plowing your ass in airport bathrooms: ADMIT IT or at least drop your pretentious shit.

You accidentally signalled with your hands and fingers under the stall wall and it just so happened to be clearly indicating your need for oral? Ummm sure that happens to us all, everybody slides hands and spreads ass at urinals and stalls all across the country.

Your a loser, most likely a bottom too.

Larry the Cub Craig.

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