whippin up some stuff

the two worst newscasters of all time::


NANCY GRACE the "feisty former prosecutor".


lets hope they dont meet and spawn. can you imagine that!

so I found my camera chip from a few weeks back, lost archives are coming your way.....esp. the latest and GREATEST trip into Alpine Lakes Wilderness with a guy who made up a song about mountain lions like ad lib all the way up the mountain and back down again.

so here come some good galleries, check it:

by the way the gnome up there was snatched from me 3 years ago on Capitol Hill but I found it last month, posted up on myspace. FOR REAL. I talked to the guy who has it and we both laughed at the old days.....old beef....and let it be.

here I am working hard to bring you the latest and greatest: REAL TIME!

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