temptation island

this is one of the better photo-essays ive seen, and as some of you know, Im grappling with the very severe temptation to go. Bergie told me this morning that its about time I go, when I mentioned leaving...I asked her why and she said its only whats been at the front of your mind for the past ten years. She is right.
How do I do it though? Is there a way to manage my life here and still go there, or is it more my style, all or nothing, hell or high water?
I dont need to do this for any reason other than the experience....so why risk my life?
Why not?

Check this out:

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Man Ive got 5 days off, alot of people are coming to town and we are gonna have alot of fun...
I need to figure this out though.
to go or not to go.

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