Softball began last night.....it was intoxiating loads of fun!

I forgot how hard it is to catch those suckers. I have not played since i was a wee brat, 6th grade?!?!?! Grounders were the worse! DB had massive troubles, but for a 1st timer.....He did pretty well. When it was time to bat, DB mentioned, "they cannot be hard to miss." I told him you would be confounded by how easy it is to actually miss a direct smack. DB up to bat for the first time EVER EVER! Did well, like most dudes, can smack those suckers out to another field. His form needs beefing up, but that is something anyone can always work on!

When it was my turn, I was terrified that i would make a complete mockery of myself and miss every ball. You see, since i am so short (i barely make the 5 ft cut), batting was somewhat of a struggle. Why? Well pitchers had a hard time pitching in my "zone," so most of the time I ended up walking bases b/c the ball was too high. Low and behold, i hit those suckers like there was no tomorrow.

The night ended with PIZZA and friends!!!!

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