Nother wasted day

well not really.

you ever get the idea this should start out like: dear diary,

DERKA NUMNUTS has been complaining that theres no pics on my walls of us, and the things we do, and so forth so this morning I went to the shop to get like 5 of my favourite shots BLOWN UP TO POSTER SIZE and mounted. The punk at the shop though couldve cared less and didnt know his own job so the projekt got put on ice for the week, since I return to work tomorrow.

Heres the deal Im working on...I need info and possibly ideas although Im pretty clever with the hustle so I should be able to build my own premise, but this is my idea:

Ever since I was in the mines of Idaho I wanted to go crab fishing on the Bering Sea. The advent of Deadliest Catch is great I guess, and yeah we all watch it...but I think that with the show so popular maybe the industry will change soon and lose its main appeal, which is the old school kick you in your teeth hardcore work. Working in those conditions, for those types of hours is insane, and possibly the ultimate test of your frailty. Ive wanted in on it for years and years, but never pulled the brass to go, now I think its time. Im 31, and getting old fat and ugly. (Also wanna buy a condo) The $$ is great but Ive already got my own, and every toy I can think of really so its really the experience Im looking for. Now how do i convince the hotel to let me go out there without damaging my stellar record. By stellar I mean...time and attendance.

I wanna hit the season bad, its in 3 months.

Silver tongued devil outta make it happen, yes?

luck o the irish.
I head out to Sea, make it back in time for the Holiday rush at the hotel, leading again...my team into victory.
its gonna be a tough Winter until then. After that, the usual trip into Idaho for the Christmas storms.

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