Motorhome frenzy

Ive got it BAD for my motorhome!! BAD.\

We took it out and about this weekend finally (got some time off) and we just rolled them duallies all about the place. Overnighting in my brothers driveway was a ton of fun, mostly cuz we didnt tell him we were coming, and all the sudden theres 11000 pounds of fierce motorhome in his driveway. Hung out with the kids which was well overdue as well.

After that detour, we ended up on the US Border in Blaine where we dropped anchor and gutted the interior dinette. When I first entered the motorhome before I bought it last winter, I told the guy I was gonna gut it, literally. Its the first thing I said, and his response was basically go to hell and get out of my driveway! If your gonna gut it then you dont get it.

Anyways, we finally gutted it. I hate burnt orange and thats the color it was.

We have to get it winterized and ready for the real deal, which is snowboarding, the primary reason I bought it.

Im really into getting a brand new one, Ive got the $$ but Im committed to getting this one right where I want it. I got my pass in the mail finally for Stevens Pass so as soon as the snow flies Im up there and out of here. Im thinking about cancelling the trad. trip to Idaho over xmas actaully. Maybe getting the boys out here this year since we basically have a "house" right up against the hill now.

Anyways.......back to work, after some much needed rest and relaxation. Softball starts Tues pm, with league play beginning first of Sept. and then later this week Im going fishing for Humpys with Big Mike. I think that'll be fun. Weve gone Bassmaster before which is really nothing more than me manning the boat so he can fish.

Life is good, but about to get even better.

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