or not.

Weathers been goofy lately, unseasonably cool and crisp. Reminds me of Halloween and Autumn...makes me wanna wax the decks and lace the boots.

This winter is different: I gotta prep BIG-NIG the motorhome, get her all ready for winter styles, trips and partys! Cant wait, Ive got a Pass at Stevens for the winter and Im gonna buy one for Silver Mtn in Idaho as well, which has got some fierce backcountry. I have three goals this winter...actually 5.

  1. Oct. trip to Anchorage.

  2. Oct weekend trip to Vancounver via ship/rails.

  3. Valentines Day in Dublin with Boo-boo Derka.

  4. Febuary leave of absence from the office, can I really do that? lets find out.

  5. Determined to set up a lab and begin making films. Still trying to find the right camera for the type of conditions I want to film in, and still undecided on which Mac to buy for the editing. Any ideas?

Thats what I got, nothing more nothing less. I forgot one thing, I promised my Uncle I would go on a duck hunt with him and photograph the day, capturing him in his element. That'll be a hoot....I think..I donno.

So hurry up Summer and get the hell out, were tired of you and all your work, I wanna play.

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