get me home already!

Yesterday I almost died again...well not really, but I took another tumble in the kitchen at work. I lost 4 plates and rolled my knee out all over the place, creating a painful painful scene. The greasetrp behind the pit was leaking underneath the slipmats and as I rounded a corner, my left foot hit the mat, and went out like butter. What a mess.

The good news is that Fridays here and the weekend is a few short hours away. Im holding my monthly meeting with my staff in 4 hours and then Im off to chill at home. I lvoe living on the beach, right now there are baby seals everywhere and so everyone is all worked up, the hippies want to get high and stare, the greens want to not let anyone look at anything, the mums want the tots to not run up and touch the things and the dogs wanna eat anything that moves!

Why dont people leash up their dogs anyways. I dont like that.

Tomorrow is the Race across the Sound event, which makes for good morning coffee, and then Im draggin Erica down to the Burton preseason sale where I hope to buy more gear for the upcoming season. Afterwards we are getting over to Kenjis new shop with Sno-Con and then I guess its tattoo time. Seahawks play at 5pm, the boys are all coming over and I think we will bbq it up.

Sunday I think its mountain high time somewhere in the Cascades and Monday maybe kayaking.

Who knows.

Heres one of the seal pups. Looks like a slimy slug huh.

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