nature boy

hot damn what a weekend that was.......i dont even know how to explain it really but Im gonna try since Im sitting at home on the beach waiting for rush hour to die so I can get back out there. The kayak is loaded in the truck, the pack is re-loaded in the kayak, theres a snowboarding video on 42" of hi-def in my periphial and the best part so far: the coffee is hot and the hash browns are GRIDDLE-FRESH. Ask Erica: nobody cooks breakfast like me.

Ok so the 5 day weekend kicked off with uncertainty as love or something like it almost BEFOULED the air....(yeah you know who you are) I wasnt for sure that my first foray into the backcountry with 8 billion pounds of gear was actually gonna kick start itself into gear or not...but it did and hey......couple hours late is ALWAYS better than never.

So off we took, filling up on old school breakfast at the Shanty, then wheeling outta Dodge, gear in the rearview alongside bad clouds. We beat the traffic and the weather and it wasnt long before Itchy was filling out the survival form or whatever the heck it was....that lets everybodt know who we are, what we are doing and where we are going. Who said that thing once about dropping off the map? Yeah that guy is full of it.

So we hiked and we climbed, took a few wrong turns, had a few breaks, and a few laughs. Halfway up and just under the treeline, groups of hikers started appearing, bitching about mud slush and snow....no trails, blah blah blah....we carried on regardless.

An hour later as we were headed back down....I began to realize what had just happened: we took a fairly extreme hike straight up a mountain, in fact Itchy sort of apologized kind of earlier in the morning during the climb....but the point is that we made it really far up, and then immediately went right back down. I knew then I could do this with ease and naturally settled in quite comfortably. My buddy from childhood (Matthew) was incredulous last week when I told him what I was planning, he couldnt believe I had never done it before and now I understand his suprise. Hiking into the wilderness with everything you need strapped to your back (you hope) and being so far removed from any sort of civilization in that manner had a massive impact on me.....I had no idea how great it was. All winter I spend in the mountains, all summer I spend camping, kayaking, anything outdoors but never this. Now Im hooked.

We ended up taking a few more climbs that afternoon but a spot to drop anchor never materialized so ended up taking a logging road and making camp on top of it, tucked back in the forest under the safety of a cliff, near a triple waterfall. Theres a ton of pics but they all are on Derkas cam since mine busted right before I left. I will post as soon as she puts em up.

To see the stars so closely and hear the birds all night like that, on the edge of true wilderness was phenomenal.

Now its Monday and Im headed back out, this time alone for some kayak camping. Kacheelus is really high and I can paddle into gold creek canyone so off I go.

The bad deal for my week is hard to find until you start looking at Thursday: work work work like every day for 2 weeks, including my birthday.

trying not to rememeber that.


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