Whats the deal with Anchorage? Last frontier for real. Ive been reading this http://www.adn.com for years. When I worked in the minefields on the Idaho/Montana border I tried to transfer to the Greens Creek property and before I moved to Bozeman I was tossed up betwixt the two. Uncle Ted was always pretty cool I thought and if you dont know who he is then you will when you open the news tomorrow.....

We are going there in Oct. to check it out for real. Im pretty jacked for the trip but I cant get over the old thought Ive had from the begining: its just like Spokane. I cant stand Spokane, even if Iwas born there. Check out the rants/raves section for Anchorage Craigslist and find out what they are really like: (crazy?)

you know what: youve been to my place then you know about my things with the birds, all the feeders and what not, now theres like 4 pigeons in my living room. Gotta run.

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