hippie spray

ok so yeah I got all this gear and I've never been on an overnight hike in my life....half a grand later and it better be good.

Im gonna look like a total granola I bet, with pack strapped on and eco-boots! haha loser!

its weird though...last night this guy Norm fitted me for boots and he has a degree or something in feet and he told me I have a condition where I walk on the balls of my feet because Ive got stubbed up toes, which reminded me of wehen I was a kid and my family used to make fun of me for not always walking on my heels. They would always enlist their freinds to poke and make fun of me, tell me I was going to be gay, I was to feminine blah blah blah. As a kid yeah this affected me but the older I got the less I cared what anyone said and all this sort of thing so now as an adult its still the same with the walking, but I never knew it was medically valid until last night. Interesting isnt it....

ok back to the hike: All I have left to get is the bear spray for any bears or hippies I meet on the trail. Saturday cant come quick enough....even though its a 5 day weekend for me and I think I will end up back in Idaho AGAIN.....Im pumped the most for this hike.

No training wheels, no "prep hike"....its all hardcore hit the ground running, you either love it or you hate it.

Jeffrey is coming along since he knows all about this jive and can carry my body back if I fail.

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