Civil War vs. the Makah indians

Im sharing a blog with my g/f in lieu of getting a dog.

Im really interested in making a documentary film about all sorts of stuff, like something for the A.D.D. crowd, the film would be 75 minutes long, cut into 5 minute pods but strung together by soundtrack..... covereing all sorts of stuff....including hippies and the pointless crusade they wage.

OK on to the pics: we ended up all over the place this weekend: Neah Bay and Cape Flattery, and down South to a Civil War re-enactment. Later we bought a bunch of green wood from this shady guy down South and the fire that night would have been shot if this old salt hadnt given me a QFC log to light. What a guy. Then we lit the fire and I taught this little kid at the camp next door how to catch a baseball so I played ball all night with him. Later he got in deep crap with his dad cuz he kept throwing wood on their fire as he tried to one-up my fire. It was hilarious.

Heres my top 10 topics for the doc:

  1. snowboarding
  2. motorhome culture
  3. the homeless pandemic
  4. what is the driving force behind lesbian thinking
  5. kayaking
  6. riverboarding
  7. why WARREN MILLER sucks
  8. decline of the American Union
  9. culture of consumption and the neo hippie
  10. the natural world

Stitch it up and call it good.

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