$500 later


First stop today was GI Joes for DB, and I went on an excursion to the mall.

an hour later we meet halfway to find DB loaded with "toys"

"this trip better be fun!" - DB

Load the car up with all the new "toys."
DB has planned to enter the world of hiking/backpacking overnight with his homies....

These toys consisted of a sleeping bag, a tent, and other items of need.

Off to REI next for a backpack and shoes......

We get to REI and I am tired and hungry beginning to wine and pout like the lil girl i am....DB reassures me--"This will only take a few minutes."

Then we meet Norm....yes Norm.....and after 20 minutes of sizing DB for shoes, Norm informs DB of some rather disturbing news....YOU DO NOT wear a size 10.5. you wear a ______. I have decided to respect DB's wishes and not disclose that information.

Backpack purchased, shoes purchased and off to a late din din :)~

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